We went to the CHFA 2019 conference!

Visit the conference of the Canadian Food and Health Association – Or CHFA:             

CHFA is a group of professionals created in 1964 to promote the natural health and organic products industry. The weekend of May 3 a conference bringing together dozens of retailers, wholesalers and distributors, etc. was held in Montreal, at the convention center. Easy-Pharma was pleased to attend and we come to share with you our five favorites of the exhibition, and believe that the choice was hard to reduce the list to five!

1- My Magic Mud Natural Activated Charcoal Toothpaste A favorite product of the conference, we look forward to working with them soon to offer you their products. This toothpaste is the only one to be approved by dentists because it helps to remineralize the tooth thanks to white clay despite the fact that it is fluorine-free!

  2- THE EpsomGel Analgesic solution: Having had the opportunity to try it on the spot on my aching shoulders, I can tell you about its effectiveness! The formula is a little more liquid than a normal gel, but it is very fresh thanks to the peppermint extract, it softens the skin thanks to vitamin E and it smells very good. In terms of painkillers it includes Epsom Salts and Arnica extracts, epsom salts are well known for their richness in magnesium, which accelerates blood circulation in the painful area which loosens the muscles and provides very quick pain relief. I really recommend it, and I can’t wait to present it to you on our site!

3- The SilverBiotics Product Line: Include a disinfectant lotion, an anti-bacterial tooth gel, an anti-microbial syrup scientifically proven as the only internal medicine that does not destroy probiotics, the intestinal flora which is beneficial for us. They have shown themselves to be very competitive and determined because they know the benefits that their products can bring: a matter to be followed very closely, therefore.  

4- The Flora brand products were also quite impressive: I can say that after having had the opportunity to taste their Well-Being Shot made of apple cider vinegar flavored with ginger and lemon… It makes you to salivate isn’t it? Well don’t worry, we will add them to our site very soon and you too can taste them!  

5- Finally, let’s talk about Cha’s Organics: They are known for their spices, their tea, and their turmeric latte (which was also very good, by the way). But we at Easy-Pharma do not just want to sell products without personality, we are also interested in the story behind the product. The packaging of their products is made from recycled and biodegradable paper made by women in India who support their families with this. Their products are all organic and from fair trade. It is therefore a brand that we would be very proud to welcome to the Easy-Pharma family. This conference was really enriching both professionally and personally: being able to put names and faces on these products motivated us even more to bring you the best, and to convey the excitement that these products gave us. Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter to not miss the arrival of these products! (https://www.easy-pharma.ca/fr/ The link for the newsletter is at the bottom of the page.)