The three essentials of summer!

Good news! We have updated our website: with a new, improved look and a new ranking! Our site is easier to navigate with a better way to choose the type of products you want. So why not take the opportunity to see what products you could buy for this summer?   Summer is fast approaching and you will have to prepare yourself adequately: we then suggest that you create a special summer first aid kit containing all the essential elements to deal with all the little sores that punctuate the summer season! Here is the list of three items to have on hand this summer.   Peppermint essential oil: The mosquito repellent par excellence, to place around the house at the rate of one to two drops on a tissue or in a diffuser. To make sure these little creatures leave you alone, you can also add a drop in your shower gel and in your moisturizer. On sale on our site: https:  

Bourbon Geranium essential oil also helps soothe burns. For this, mix two or three drops of Bourbon Geranium essential oil with vegetable oil, then apply the mixture to the cooled burn. Perfect for sunburn! Take a look at our site:  

And finally, Aloe Vera gel, a classic, useful in case of burns or sunburn in the 1st and 2nd degree, it will bring an appeasement and an immediate freshness effect. Try to choose it pure and certified organic. Aloe vera gel is easily found in organic stores, pharmacies and drugstores. Some people may be found to be allergic to aloe vera. If your inflammations do not subside, or even worsen, consult a doctor:

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