The History of Schuessler Salts

Schüssler, was a Pioneer of Medicine. It was the 2nd half of the 19th century when the “father” of Homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, experimentally discovered the usefulness of the so-called inorganic salts for the recovery of health; however, it did not specify its therapeutic use. That is why, years later, he would resume those investigations, completing them with Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schüssler, and hence they bear his name. Moreover, it is attributed to the development of what is now known as Biochemistry, that is, the science that studies the composition and chemical structure of living beings and the dynamics of their metabolic processes.

Today, besides seeing him as a pioneer, many health professionals consider him a revolutionary of the Medicine of his time, since he managed to find a new method of prevention and treatment of diseases that, based on the principles of Homeopathy, limited to only 12 the more than 1,000 remedies that it uses. Regarding his method of study, it should be explained that the German doctor relied on the detailed analysis of the ashes in which the different human tissues are converted after incineration, thus verifying that they are basically composed of 12 inorganic salts essential for the cells and In addition, each tissue of the body has a different mineral base.

Concluding, as a result of their research, that if the tissues do not receive the adequate amount of each one of these salts, the cellular metabolism is unbalanced, causing the appearance of very different ailments. They are collecting then, through clinical experience that these ailments disappear when the tissues receive the required salts again in very small quantities. And to nourish human cells, they need complex organic compounds and the inorganic or mineral substances that he determined.

That is to say, the absence of a mineral salt prevents the cells from assimilating and using the organic compounds and, therefore, from this point of view, lack of inorganic salts is the ultimate cause of the disease. “Therefore, through the contribution of these mineral salts, cellular nutrition and metabolism can be reestablished and, with it, health.” This was written by Schüssler himself when in 1874 he made known the principles of his therapy based on the homeopathic postulates on assimilation and similarity of substances through his work. Brief therapeutics based on histology and cell pathology.

In summary, for Schüssler, any physiological expression -including intellectual faculties and psychic or emotional motivations- is intimately related to the chemical changes that occur outside and inside cells, and is due to the lack of one or several of these salts. Hence, health professionals who apply the method of the German doctor recommend supplementing the diet with one or more of these salts to meet the specific needs of the person and, in addition, trigger a series of reactions in your body that you end up returning to the state of internal balance and, therefore, of health.


[Summary of the 12 salts]

Salt nº1. Calcium fluoratum* 

Critical for elasticity. Acts on connective tissue.

It works for any hardening issue (for example in a scar or in a tissue or tendon that after an accident has become rigid) or laxity of the tissues (for example, a certain tendency to have sprains due to ligament distension).

Salt nº2. Calcium phosphoricum*

Excellent in any disorder that comes from excess vitality; (such as an allergy) or lack of cellular vitality (e.g., physical exhaustion)

It is also ideal during the growth of children.

It works very well in the treatment of hyperactive children.

This is the salt of the “pica pica,” especially in the afternoon.

Salt nº3. Ferrum phosphoricum

Get out of the first phase of inflammation.

Pain in the first phase, when the area is red, hot, and painful.

Ideal in fever up to 38.5ºC. Colds in the first phase when the mucus is watery and constant.

Salt nº4. Kalium chloratum

Get out of the second phase of inflammation.

It can be the second day of giving us a blow or a cold when the mucus gets thicker.

It is the salt of the mucous membranes, considering that all our internal organism is covered with mucosa, it becomes a very important salt. It will act well in white thrush, and any mucosal problem (candidiasis + nº9)

Salt nº5. Kalium phosphoricum

Get out of the nerves and the psyche.

Acts emotionally in stress, nervous disorders, depression, lack of interest, and other disorders. It also acts at the nervous level; trigeminal neuralgia, sciatica, and any injury that affects the nerves.

Salt nº6. Kalium sulfuricum

Third and last stage of inflammation, phase of the resolution of diseases or disorders and chronic colds where the mucus is sticky and greenish. Because of its sulfate content is also the salt that governs the skin so it will do well in any skin problem.

Acts on any chronic disease or disorder, which hasn’t healed yet, whatever the affected organ.

Salt nº7. Magnesium phosphoricum

Get out of the muscles, muscle pain.

It will act in all the disorders in which a muscle is implied whatever its form (smooth, striated or cardiac musculature), muscle cramps, colic, pain due to an injury.

Taken in hot * acts very fast on any pain. Dissolve 5 to 10 tablets of salt # 7 in half a glass of hot water (without boiling) and drink slowly, keeping each sip in your mouth before swallowing. (Can be done with all salts for a faster result)

Salt nº8. Natrium chloratum

Regulation of the water system. It compensates for dryness or excess moisture; vaginal dryness, ocular or on the contrary, rhinorrhea, eyes that are constantly watering, important when there is cellulite above the knees that is due to fluid retention in the cells.

Salt nº9. Natrium phosphoricum

Fat metabolism, regulation of pH, serves to prevent body acidity and fat emulsifier. Important in slimming diets, skin and hair with fat and acne pimples caused by excess fat. Ideal for the acidity of pregnant women.

Salt nº10. Natrium sulfuricum

Exit from cleaning and excretion, expelling excess liquids from the body, important also in weight loss diets. Acts as a body purifier and detoxifier.

Salt nº11. Silicea

Involved in beauty. They say that silicon gets there where the surgeon’s scalpel, skin, hair, and nails do not. It also helps to expel any foreign body from the body (like a splinter that does not come out or a skewer)

Salt nº12 Calcium Sulfate.

Helps in detoxification and regeneration. With the sulfate, it helps the cellular cleaning by draining and expelling the toxins outwards. It also acts on serosae.